Medicom Toy x Porter x Maharishi Luggage Collection

Previewed on Highsnobiety a couple of months ago, now updated with a more detailed look at the collaboration between Medicom Toy, Porter and Maharishi on a luggage collection. Each partner contributed a different aspect to the project. Medicom Toy produced the fabrick of the bags, Maharishi provided the camouflage design and Porter the silhouettes and construction of the bags. The outcome is a small collection consisting of a technical backpack, a tote bag, wallet and digicam/cellphone pouch. – Highsnobiety

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Viktor Strasse – Zwanzig Zoll

Photographer  Viktor Strasse from renown BMX Magazine Zwanzig-Zoll (Twenty Customs) just sent me some more pics from Timo’s trip to China where they succeed in breaking the high jumping record for MTB at over 5M! Being a BMX rider himself has a great sence of capturing the moment when timing is of essence, and his compositions and lighting is just simply awesome.

Check out the pics after the jump…

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25 years of the iconic Manhattan Portage

Super Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Bags 2008 marks 25 years of the iconic Manhattan Portage skyline logo. Now is the time to snag some limited edition 25th anniversary pieces. Both of their styles feature red binding and a reflective 25th anniversary logo. Only 25 exist in each color so now is your change to snag a piece of MP history only on and at the Token Store in NYC. – Manhattan Portage

Futura Laboratories 10th Anniversary Collection

After presenting a couple of collaboration pieces with Stussy to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Futura Laboratories now presents some in-house pieces. They produced the “X” hoodies and t-shirts for the occasion of the 10th year in operation. The t-shirts and hoodies come with classic Futura graphics and the artist’s signature.

Have a look at the other pieces from the line after the jump.

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