iPhone to Run Windows and Get Copy and Paste (It’s Not What You Think)

Windows will run soon on the iPhone using Citrix Receiver, a remote screen software that connects to a PC and gives you the illusion you are running Microsoft’s operating systems, including copy and paste functionality.

Why is this useful? It will give you the ability to run full Windows apps in your iPhone over the network. According to Citrix, you will have full Windows capability, including cut and paste inside Windows. And while this is not the first remote screen application available for the iPhone, it is the first one which is actually supported by a big company, which will make corporations happy. [Citrix via Slashdot] – Gizmodo


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Timo in China / Hong Kong

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About a month ago, Timo and Joscha went to Beijing to break the MTB high jumping record… I hooked up with them while they were in HK and here are a couple of awesome video made by Timo and his crew while they were in town.. enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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