Hysteric Glamour “TRYGOD” Diamond Jewelery Collection

Hysteric Glamour’s jewelery line TRYGOD is known for its music and Rock-inspired themes under extravagant pretenses. Just a look at some of their releases will give a good indication of the TRYGOD line’s approach to their works.

A number of skull-motifs are each adorned with numerous diamonds and black diamonds with some pieces featuring in excess of 1,000 precious stones. The three defining pieces of the collection include a key-chain, pendant and ring all ranging from ¥2,625,000 JPY – ¥4,410,000 JPY (approximately $30,000 USD to $50,000 USD). Pre-orders are accepted via Arica.

2 responses to “Hysteric Glamour “TRYGOD” Diamond Jewelery Collection

  1. Love this collection. Too bad I can’t find anyone who sells it. The links for purchase are all dead ends and written in Japanese. I really want to purchase the headphones/snake pendant. I even called and emailed Hysteric Glamour US. No luck. Such a shame.

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