Hypebeast x Solebox x adidas x Bianchi “The Complete Ride” Bike Preview

hypebeast-solebox-adidas-bianchi-bike-1With the previews of the Hypebeast | Solebox x adidas “The Complete Ride” Zeitfrei behind us, here’s the final piece to the project which ties together the whole Zeitfrei concept as Bianchi participates with two special offerings. Both bikes are inspired by their respective sneaker colorways as well as taking different routes in execution. The Solebox version based on the Bianchi CroMo steel Pista (which resembles the company’s 2010 flathandle Pista offering) is of a more timeless nature while the Hypebeast version is based on the Pista butted Aluminum frame and features modern and contemporary design with a more performance driven aesthetic. Following the completion of “The Complete Ride” project, they will be showcased through various Bianchi mediums before ultimately being auctioned off for charity. What are you waiting for?

Hypebeast’s ride comes with a lot of goodies, the handlebars, aero forks, rims, crank are all carbon fiber, the Bianchi Frameset is a totally new design with ridges on the main tubing for added stiffness, and the logos are all 3M! Nice touch.hypebeast-solebox-adidas-bianchi-bike-2




The Solebox ride is on the other hand an oldschool beast built to last with it’s timeless design. Parts are obviously on the lower range but can be changed over easily and never the less sill a nice bike.




2 responses to “Hypebeast x Solebox x adidas x Bianchi “The Complete Ride” Bike Preview

  1. Love it! Nice to see collabs in the bike industry finally; with a classic brand like Bianchi. It’s the shot in the arm that it’s need for a while.

  2. SICK…….
    Two great tastes that taste great together…
    both head turner bikes….
    Tears of joy are running down my cheeks…

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