Kobe Tetsujin 28 Project

TetsujinFollowing the completion of the Gundam Project in Tokyo, another iconic Robot 鉄人28号 aka “Tetsujin 28”  is being built in Kobe. It will be completed in August 09 and stand 18m tall. Tetsujin 28 was created by Mitsuteru Yokoyam 横山光輝 in 60’s

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Stolen Taper Lock Dropout


Dave Wooten from Stolen Bikes showed off a new, innovative Taper Lock dropout that will eliminate the need for a chain tensioner and keep your wheel from moving without having to break your arm torquing down on a socket wrench. It’s a little confusing at first so we we’ll let Dave do the talking on this one.. would be perfect for a fixed gear too?

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