Selle San Marco Concor Light


After spending over 10 hrs riding on the Shadow Saddle, I’ve decided it’s not for my ass, so I picked up a new Selle San Marco Concor Light Saddle today at my LBS, has anyone one else seen these in Red? This is the only ONE they had and I have come across so far…

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Now here is a company thinking outside the box , Yikebike created a 1.2KW motor powered carbon fiber bike which also folds down in 15 seconds.. have a look at their Videos here. Pretty sick and also helps our environment! With a deposit of €100.00 from your credit card you can secure one here. The total price of the YikeBike is expected to be between €3,500 and €3,900.

Dr. Martens 2010 Spring Footwear Preview

Emerged in 1960, the classic 8-eye boot by Dr. Martens will celebrate a milestone year as it turns 50 years old. Although they are not the original black leather, these newly invented “8-eye’s” are sure to become an icon of its own with seven lively colors: cru, yellow, red, purple, blue, green and black. And while the top may seem to be made of canvas, it is actually water-resistant leather giving the illusion of a canvas material. Among the modern additions or readjustments to the OG boots, are the flat white sneaker-like laces, white contrast stitching and white soles. These highly anticipated boots are part of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and they will surely be off the shelves in a very short time, so don’t blink twice and make sure to keep your “Soles Bouncing”.

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13th Witness x Timberland = Boston Massacre


Brian Coleman from Timberland and 13th Witness are doing a photo show / product launch that’s gonna shut down the block up in Beantown tomorrow night. It’s gonna be all fly Abingtons and Timmy’s sick flicks at Concepts, both those inspired by Timberland and his personal works as well. In his own words, “We’re going to Boston to get some chowdah!” Peep some more shots after the jump.

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