Futura 2000 FIAC 2009 Exhibition


A living legend that needs no introduction, Futura 2000 recently opened up his latest exposition in association with France’s FIAC 2009. The showcase at the Mezzanine Special School of Architecture features a series of works over the last 28 years from 1980-2008, all showcased on behalf of private collector Patrick Larouge. The exhibition offers an interesting look over an extensive period of time from one of the visual art world’s most respected writers. The short exhibition will conclude on Saturday, October 24th.

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Jimmy’s Kitchen Fried Ice Cream Flambe

Fried Ice Cream Flambe, originally uploaded by EVIL LIVE.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated to how something cold like Ice Cream could be deep fried and then served with a flaming sauce to top it off… obviously I am alot older now and have figured how it’s made (well… technically…) but my face still lights up when I see the waiter pour the flaming brandy on my Ice Cream!

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