Icon FJ Series

The Icon FJ Series starts its life as a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser (1960-1978), but is re-imagined as a powerful modern machine. That era of Toyota Land Cruiser is legendary, and has been a dream of mine to get my hands on for some time, the Icon FJ Series has just become my new dream. While SLAMXHYPE is mainly a portal for new news, its also full of the things we love, this post more on the ‘wanted’ side of things as opposed to the ‘news’ side of things. Take a look below. The Icon FJ Series are each built by hand to order and start at $98,000.


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Another Perspective regarding the tragedy in Minila

The uncovered truth of the 823 tragedy in the Philippines

— It’s all about Money.

Before reading further, or you are too tired to read my long article, here are the 3 things I wish any visitors would keep in mind:

  • Don’t be fooled by the filipino authorities and media. The hostage taker wants MONEY, but not the reinstatement of his job. Mr. Mendoza will leave all hostages alone (and alive), heading south, and never return to Manila, if he received a suitcase filled with 1 Million Peso cash notes.
  • Be mature, be wise. Admit that the Filipino authorities have NEVER think of keeping all hostages alive. There’s NO GUARANTEE at all from the very beginning!!!! They won’t pay a single dollar to exchange the lives of the hostages. This is not reported because the Filipino authorities hide it IN PURPOSE!!!
  • How many hostages were killed by the gunman, and how many were killed by the polices force? May god tell us the truth eventually.If you know me well, you would know that I don’t like to speak. I mean I am talkative enough in front of real friends, but I hate to speak in front of public and strangers, no matter what happened and how struggling I was when some big events happened. But for this time, allow me to express my thoughts and feelings from very deep inner place of my heart. As a person with strong relationship to the Philippines, who have spent a few years childhood age in the country, I have something to say. Continue reading