Rimowa for sale, USED ONCE!

I’ve been using Rimowa suitcases for a while, and have been generally happy with my trusty old Flights, however I can’t say I feel the same about my brand new Topas multi wheel.

First of all, after packing my Topas for the first time and while I was trying to close the case, the middle lock broke! It was the plastic clips which held the pins in place that snapped, I wasn’t impressed but had a plane to catch the next morning so was going to take it back to Rimowa when I got back.. after the trip to the States and on my way back from SF, my Topas comes off the plane damaged (shown in the pictures above), I am not sure who to blame here but it looks like it was done deliberately (PISSED)! However I’m having doubts that I would ever purchase a Rimowa again. Luckily Cathay Pacific staff took care of it and they will replace it with a new one.