Rimowa for sale, USED ONCE!

I’ve been using Rimowa suitcases for a while, and have been generally happy with my trusty old Flights, however I can’t say I feel the same about my brand new Topas multi wheel.

First of all, after packing my Topas for the first time and while I was trying to close the case, the middle lock broke! It was the plastic clips which held the pins in place that snapped, I wasn’t impressed but had a plane to catch the next morning so was going to take it back to Rimowa when I got back.. after the trip to the States and on my way back from SF, my Topas comes off the plane damaged (shown in the pictures above), I am not sure who to blame here but it looks like it was done deliberately (PISSED)! However I’m having doubts that I would ever purchase a Rimowa again. Luckily Cathay Pacific staff took care of it and they will replace it with a new one.

Solebox x Rimowa Cabin Trolley IATA Suitcase


In one of the most interesting and notable cross-industry collabos of this year, German sneaker boutique Solebox team up with luggage company Rimowa on a Cabin Trolley IATA. The suitcase comes in at a size appropriate for a pair of shoes with a total volume of 35L. The nearly indestructible polycarbonate case should take almost any abuse you throw at it. Probably overkill for showcasing your greatest and most prized sneaker possessions but I’m sure the run of 25 will move quite quickly.

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