Kitsuné Maison Compilation 6 Tour

For Xmas 2008, SILLY THING (a Hong Kong multimedia empire run by the discreet but highly influential TK) and WAD (a French magazine about fashion and urban culture) joins with for a special party for 400 pax on December 19, 2008.

Kitsuné Maison Compilation 6 Tour

Gildas Loaec began his career as Daft Punk’s manager and artistic director, while Masaya Kuroki was an architecture student turned fashion designer. The first was from Brittany and arrived in Paris to open a record shop selling house and electro; the second was born in Japan and arrived in Paris aged 12. They met in the French capital and decided that it would be great to work together: Kitsuné was born. Before long it was a force in music, thanks to its well-received, cutting-edge compilations full of top tracks, and in fashion, thanks to its sober and splendidly cut basics.

The name Kitsuné is Japanese for “fox”. In Japan, the fox is a mystical animal with many faces, just like the label, to which each member brings his or her ideas. Based in London and Paris, Gildas and Masaya are supported by Patrick Lacey, Benjamin Reichen, Kajsa Stahl and Maki Suzuki, aka, Åbäke, a collective that brings Kitsuné concepts and its trademark visuals.

Both massive music fans, Gildas and Masaya spend their time travelling the world (from London to New York to Tokyo to Reykjavik) making sweet music with their much in-demand DJ sets and being welcomed with open arms for their “Frenchiness”, simplicity and chic spontaneity. When they’re back in Paris, they oversee the Kitsuné shop their refined and essential unisex collections are sold, as well as their famous compilations, “House”. (They also release mix albums: the most recent is called “New York”.) But what really makes Kitsuné stand out is its founders’ ability to sniff out the latest talent before anyone else. One look at the list of Kitsuné discoveries (Digitalism, the Klaxons, Simian Mobile Disco and Hot Chip) and you understand. “The idea was always to reach as many people as possible”, says Gildas, “with our open-minded conception of pop music and some original, yet attractive, sounds. We have no qualms about merging the worlds of electronic and rock. This is about music, all kinds of music, whether made with guitars or machines. It’s about attitude, personality and character”. And it works.

DATE: 19th DEC 2008
TIME: 22:00 till late
VENUE: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Annex + ART PROJECTS
( 6/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan )
TICKET: $200 ENTRY + OPEN BAR (Limited tickets will be sold at door, unless sold out)

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