Snapture Flash Adds A Xenon Flash To The iPhone

No longer just content with improving the iPhone’s camera via software, Snapture Labs have developed the Snapture Flash sleeve which adds a Xenon flash to dramatically improve the quality of low-light photos. (Or just plain make them possible.) The Snapture Flash sleeve features a Xenon bulb which is not only about 100X as bright as an LED, but apparently doesn’t drain the battery as much since it’s not constantly on. In fact, with the iPhone’s battery you can take about 1,000+ photos using the Snapture Flash, which takes about 3 seconds to recharge between shots.

Unfortunately though, not only is the Snapture Flash sleeve just a prototype at this time (the company is trying to find a manufacturer/distribution partner) but it will apparently only work with a jailbroken iPhone so that the Snapture software can send the necessary signals in order to trigger the flash. – OhGizmo!

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