Uncle says…

…He had a bike like that in his younger days, and advised me that I’d need good leg muscles to go burning down that hill! The man knew what he was talking about…

After making it down the first time, we rode back and did it again! Just wish we got some pic while mashing down but unfortunately my skill level doesn’t allow me to do so. Thanks KP for risking his life to take this pic!

2 responses to “Uncle says…

  1. conversation went something like this:
    Uncle: Wah, this bike looks reaaally expensive, 2000HK$?
    Me: err… something like that.. for the Wheels…
    Uncle: (Nearly has a heart attack) oh and no brakes? I used to ride one on the track..
    Me: Really!!!
    Uncle: Hai Ah! You boys going down that hill? without brakes? You are a silly boy! How do you stop?
    Me: I skid..
    Uncle: Wow you must have strong legs…

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