Warm regards KAWS BARS

Warm Regards, the work of KAWS after exposure Beautiful Losers will be available in vinyl in late January 2009. And thus becomes probably the most poplar excitement early 2009.

Unveiled for the first time at the exhibition Beautiful Losers at the OCMA in California a few years ago, this “dirt” has often been the subject of many taunts, even in the most diligent fans.Yet, over the years, increasing popularity of Mr. Donnelly forces, the print officel from the exhibition has seen its price multiplied by 7 while the “character” remains one of the favorite artist.

Foot nose to those who love to hate (summarizing is to say that he does “is crap”), or real stroke of genius? Nevertheless, Warm Regards persists and will be a vinyl declination in the form of a fake ice baton!

Three versions are planned. They will be available at the end of January, in France at colette exclusivity, and the majority of outlets OriginalFake from around the world. Given the size, this should be kept in the hands of a Be @ rbrick 1000%. This is already a concern less for collectors …

info: lamjc

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