Rabbit Building, Macau Pavillion at Shanghai World Expo 2010

The “Jade Rabbit” entry which won the design competition of the Macau Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be able to showcase Macau in “a soft but impressive way”, said the head of the Macau organising cabinet .

What do you think about this “Winning Design”??? Personally I think it looks like a rabbit lantern I used to rock for Moon Festival!!!

The Macau Preparation Office for the Shanghai World Expo gave a press conference at the Government Information Bureau where the winning designer, Carlos Marreiros, presented a closer look of the Macau Pavilion’s interior and exterior designs.

Large balloons make up the head and tail of the rabbit, which can be raised into the air to attract visitors. The exterior structure is made up of a glass membrane wrapped with fluorescent screens to project content and signage to attendees on the outside. Keeping with the “better city, better life” theme of the expo, the Macau pavilion will be constructed out of recycled materials and be well equipped with an array of solar panels and rain collection systems.

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