Clot x Nike AF1 Launch at Shanghai

Nike and Clot come together again, this time collaborating on the Nike 1World Air Force 1 project. The recent Clot release was another sell out, bringing tons of fans to the ACU store in Shanghai. The release took inspiration from the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, which included lion dancing and traditional Chinese decorations.

With the Air Force 1 as the centerpiece, the packaging takes reference from Chinese New Year candy boxes while the sneakers takes inspiration from Clot’s Royale line which incorporates the subtle use of high quality Chinese Silk. In addition to the Clot release there were two customs by Eric So and Lui Lui. Eric So known for his vinyl work, takes a timeless concept to the Air Force 1. He took the shoe and turned it into Calligraphy art. Lui Lui using an opposite approach creates a very vivid custom, incorporating strong colors coming from Chinese art.

Info: Ken via HB

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