Sony TV Makes Toast Out Of Rivals


Sony’s latest model, the Bravia ZX1, measures just 9.9mm, the equivalent of a piece of sliced bread. The innovative design has made the cut by slicing off fluorescent tube behind the screen and lighting it through light-emitting diodes.

The design still allows the viewer to see the picture in the same way, but makes the box itself much thinner. “It’s not just because it’s the thinnest that it’s worth having,” a Sony spokeswoman told Sky News Online. “In terms of the innovation and technology used, it’s fantastic.” The TV can be hung on the wall or left on its table-top stand. The wireless transmitter can be moved out of sight, good news for viewers who do not like to look at cables.

There is one drawback, however.

At over USD4,000 – the bite-sized TV is a great deal more expensive than the average toaster.

To mark the launch of the new TV, Sony commissioned a survey of 3,000 people to pick their most most memorable small-screen moments. Top was astronaut Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, with more than half of those polled choosing the iconic 1969 footage. Second on the list was the election of Barack Obama as the first African-American president. The poignancy and shock of the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963 came third.

info: sky news

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