This car was stolen

This beautifully presented AE86 was stolen out of the owners garage today. The culprits broke in and snagged it around 2:30 today. Be on the look out and please contact Robert if you see anything. Good luck recovering it guys, I am guessing it has to be someone who knows the car and Robert… sad!




Contact Info:
Robert Co (owner of AZN Motorsports in Vallejo)
Tel. (707) 643-2278

1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)
Color: White
Upgraded parts:
– Carbon fiber hood
– Authentic 15 inch Watanabes
– Rare Falcon steering wheel
– Front & rear Kouki bumpers
– Cusco rollcage
– TRD seats
– TAKATA Harnesses
– Kouki (redline) taillights
– Full cusco suspension
– 4age (redtop) engine with mikuni 44 carbs set-up
– Very clean inside/out including the underchasis

info: Markfatlace

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