09.03.01 Cycle for Millions meeting


If you have joined this years Cycle for millions in HK, then tomorrow you will need to go and pick up your ticket for the event as well as the must have item “HSBC love cycling gold combat Tee”! Organizers will be giving safety talks on “how to ride a bike” and “how not to stop suddenly without warning in front of guys like me on a fixed bike… ” anyway, more info after the jump.

Thank you for your support of HSBC cycle for millions, we have to verify your qualification to participate and confirm your number to take part in those activities in the collection date as follows:

Day Events Meeting Time: 7:30

In order to protect the personal safety of those who take part in the General Assembly wishes to all participants who attended the briefings and take part in road safety talks, the same day were also take part in the activities of materials received, as follows:

Those who take part in briefings and road safety talks date:

March 1, 2009 (Day) Time: 11:00 am (first) 01:00 pm (second) at 03:00 (third)

Venue: Lung Hang Village, Sha Tin, New Territories POH Chan Kai Memorial College (see map) * Please select a suitable time to attend any briefings, seating first come first served basis. Events to receive supplies Date:

March 1, 2009 (Day) Time: 10:00 am to 05:00 pm Activity materials include:

1. Participants registration certificate (necessary for event)

2. HSBC love cycling gold combat Tee

3. Event manual

4. Cyclists as a guide, please print this letter and bring along proof of identity to confirm the identity of participants and materials to receive Events.

Please note: such as those who can not take part in activities on the same day to receive goods and materials, please contaact from March 2, 2009 to March 8 period during office hours (9:30 am to 18:00 pm) in person or authorize another person to the directors of Pok Oi Hospital Bureau Head Office (address: Pok Oi Hospital, Au Tau, Yuen Long Jockey Club Care and Attention Home Building UG floor) to collect the relevant activity materials. Receive power of attorney can be download here. Such as in the above-mentioned period of time failed to receive registration certificates of the participants are deemed to have given up the eligibility of participants, their places will be within the waiting list applicants who make up without notice. Organizers (fraternity) will not refund the payment of contributions.


1. Elite group of enterprises can be the captain on his behalf to receive all the activities of material, without another to fill a power of attorney on behalf of collar.

2. Organizers do not have bags or other containers tools. Are invited to take part in self-preparation activities in order to receive materials.

3. Because of the cycling fraternity HSBC cycle for millions is a limited quantity of gold combat gear, the organizers can not guarantee that all participants are requested to provide the size, please forgive me.

4. Events such as the Hong Kong Observatory at or above the day of the hoisting of typhoon signal or red / black rainstorm warning signal, the event will be canceled.

5. Organizers of the event to retain the ultimate decision-making power, any temporary changes of the activity or contingency measures, the organizers will be announced later.

If you have any questions, please e-mail: acco@pokoi.org.hk or call 2479 0022 with the fraternity contact Corporate Communications. Board of Directors of Pok Oi Hospital


活動日集合時間 :上午7時30分


參加者簡介會暨道路安全講座 日期:

2009年3月1日(日) 時間:上午11:00(第一場)    下午01:00(第二場)    下午03:00(第三場)

地點:新界沙田隆亨邨博愛醫院陳楷紀念中學 (參考地圖) *請選擇適合時間出席任何一場簡介會,座位先到先得。 領取活動物資 日期:

2009年3月1日(日) 時間:上午10:00至下午05:00 活動物資包括:

1. 參加者登記證 (必需領取)1張

2. 滙豐博愛單車百萬行黃金戰衣1件

3. 參加者手冊1本

4. 單車指南1本 請列印此信件及帶備身分證明文件以確認參加者身份及領取活動物資。

請注意: 如參加者無法於當日領取活動物資,請於 2009年3月2日至3月8日期間於辦公時間內(上午9:30分至下午6時) 親身或授權他人至博愛醫院董事局總辦事處(地址:元朗坳頭博愛醫院賽馬會護理安老院大樓UG層)領取有關活動物資。代領授權書可於此下載。 如未能於上述時間內領取登記證之參加者,則作放棄參加者資格論,其名額將由後補名單內之申請者補上,恕不另行通知。主辦單位(博愛)將不會退還已繳付之捐款。


1. 企業精英組可由隊長代為領取所有活動物資,而無需另外填寫代領授權書。

2. 主辦單位並無環保袋或其他盛載工具提供。參加者請自行準備以領取活動物資。

3. 由於滙豐博愛單車百萬行黃金戰衣數量有限,主辦單位不保證一定能為所有參加者提供所要求之尺碼,敬請原諒。

4. 如天文台於活動當日懸掛三號或以上風球或紅/黑色暴雨警告訊號,是次活動將會取消。

5. 主辦單位保留是次活動的最終決定權,任何有關活動的臨時改動或應變措施,將以主辦單位公佈為準。

如有問題,請電郵: acco@pokoi.org.hk 或致電2479 0022與博愛企業傳訊部聯絡。 博愛醫院董事局

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