Weds Sport Dry Carbon Fiber Wheelset


A Japanese company by the name of Weds Sport has come up with the first full carbon fiber wheel.  They unveiled the wheels with what they call their Dry Carbon Wheel Project at the last Tokyo Auto Salon show. Not to be mistaken for rip off “Carbon Fiber Finish” products these wheels are actually manufactured by a process called Dry Carbon Fiber forming shapes, which is also used to make F-1 Chassis and parts. One wheel weighs in at just 2.76kg.  Interested in getting a set of these for your car?  Expect to pay around US$10,000-$12,000 for the set. BLING BLING!!!



11 responses to “Weds Sport Dry Carbon Fiber Wheelset

  1. um, not quite the first. TU Graz FSAE team runs full carbon wheels on their 2009 car. Also, in 1987 Lancia built closed carbon rims for their group B car. However the wheels were never used in a race.

  2. There were many Custom Carbon Fiber wheels made prior to these, but we are talking First PRODUCTION item “off the shelf” full dry carbon Wheels for road or track use.

  3. I am sure you could, but I am also sure anyone who owns a set of these would already have all the bolt on aftermarket parts, it just depends how far you want to go (or can afford to go)

  4. Joe these are the first full carbon fiber rims made for cars. I saw these years ago, and said FINALLY.

  5. has anyone seen carbon fiber snap before? i would’nt been too keen on putting these on to my car. if you gave me alloys yh defo but after seeing carbon fiber snap i dont think so, i know carbon fiber is strong and looks nice but hmmm after what i saw on tv about carbon fiber snapping i dont think so

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