Stolen Taper Lock Dropout


Dave Wooten from Stolen Bikes showed off a new, innovative Taper Lock dropout that will eliminate the need for a chain tensioner and keep your wheel from moving without having to break your arm torquing down on a socket wrench. It’s a little confusing at first so we we’ll let Dave do the talking on this one.. would be perfect for a fixed gear too?


How exactly does this new dropout and washer system work?
The dropout itself is 5mm thick, which is pretty standard. There is a tapered channel where the axle goes that is thinner in the back (2.5mm) and thicker at the front (4.25mm). The included tapered washer rides in this grooved area and the gradual tapered design locks the axle in place. As I demonstrated in your office, we only hand tightened the axle in the dropout and the wheel still wouldn’t move forward when hit with force.

So you are saying even if you only hand-tighten your wheel, it’s still not going to move?
I would for sure not recommend hand tightening any part on your bike. You should still tighten your axle nuts to the proper torque spec, and with this normal tension your wheel will not move.

Sounds cool, but how is it being tested?
The dropout has already passed machine testing, which is a good base, but nothing beats our pros putting time on it. We have six riders around the globe, all with different styles putting the design though its paces.

When will this feature be available on your frames?
We will show our new Cherry frame, which will use the Taper Lock dropout at Interbike, and they should ship before Christmas.

Anything else we should know?
I mentioned the dropout will be included on the new Stolen Cherry frame; we have put a lot of thought and time into the design of this new frame so stay tuned to for more spy photos as we have them.


info: BMX Transworld

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