SiLLGEY bikes


The Sillgey Piccolo provides a compact bicycle for easy transport for the urban or casual commuter. Easily carried in a car or on a subway train, the Piccolo sports 20-inch wheels and 4130 chrome moly steel construction available in TIG welding. The choice of steel construction makes the Piccolo safe and durable without adversely affecting portability. For high mobility in urban settings, the Piccolo offers the rider the independence of a bicycle without the extra weight of a full sized bicycle. For trick riders, the small size brings with it mobility and agility.





Sillgey tried to design a bicycle that combined looks and capabilities for both trick riders and the everyday commuter. The PHANTOM (Below) single speed design provides reliability and low maintenance by nature of its simplicity. Using Sillgey 757 chrome-moly steel assembled with blaze welding, the frame is long lasting, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing.




With the SiLLGEY Cerchio, the lugs have been simplified to create an easy platform for customization either through the addition of changeable skins or the addition of individual decoration to further personalize your Cerchio. The simplified lugs make it easier to add designs onto the frame while maintaining the strength and ease of repair of lugged joints.





check it out here

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