Close call in too many ways


Well it not unusual to fall off a bike but if I had a choice, I would choose not to fall off on a main road on the Island (again)…

How did it happen:

We were just cursing down Electric road and near end of North Point, where I found a slit in the road which measured 800mm long by 25mm wide and nearly 8″ deep!!! My front H+Son front wheel fitted nicely in it and my bike went from cursing speed to an instant standstill… needless to say I continued flying over my bars like superman and landed about 3 meters away… luckily….. because when I turned over and looked up, all I saw were headlights of a Toyota Echo, I never recall them cars looking that big! Thankfully the driver stopped in time so I only lost some skin on all my limbs. I am also glad that I managed to miss all my ink and the bike is fine, them H+Son wheels are mighty strong too, not a scratch! Can’t say the same for the Grand Comp SS tire tho, it bursted open in 3 different spots.


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