2 responses to “PlayStation Move Developer Diary #1 – Research & Development

  1. Please add a glowing ball to the subcontroller so that it’s capable of 1:1 motion too. You guys showed that you need two move controllers to play some games (boxing, sword+shield). And you need 1 move controller and one sub controller for some games (SOCOM3).

    And if you want to play those games that need two move controllers multiplayer (ie, box with your friend etc) and those games that require the move + subcontroller (SOCOM 3), then you’ll need four move controllers, and 2 subcontrollers, plus the eyetoy camera.

    That’s a whole lot of crap to buy and have lying around the house just to be able to play my games with just one other friend.

    Or better yet, you could have just added an analog stick to the move controller. And that way, there wouldn’t even be such a thing as a subcontroller. You could just use 2 Move controllers for every game. You could even use 2 Move controllers to completely displace the need for a Dual Shock 3, even for regular games. Because those two move controllers combined would have all the same buttons and analog sticks as a standard DS3 controller, saving you money.

    Best of all, you could then have games that both have you using 1:1 action for both arms, while also letting you move your character using the analog stick (say an old school beat em up style game like Final Fight that has you move your character through the level going around beating the crap out of anyone that you run in to). Screw Wii Fit, that would be a hell of an awesome work out too, and would probably help you build bigger biceps.

  2. Regardless of its too late to add the glowing ball to the subcontroller, please do make an old school beatup game like Streets of Rage or Final Fight in 3D, using 1:1 action for both arms. I would love to get a solid work out for my arms while gaming, and beating the crap out a gang of thugs as I do. 🙂

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