After spending loads of time working on this, waiting and gathering all the parts, building the wheels, tracking down specific parts and many, many trips all over Hong Kong to get this done, finally here it is, a build of our FLWRIDER Track bike.

Our good friend Myke helped us get photos taken of the build in his studio. He’s a top class photographer and we’re really grateful to him for helping us capture our bike on camera, we also need to thank EDGE composites for providing us with parts. Actually there’s loads of people who helped us out, so thanks to every single one, they know who they are!

So this track specific frame set is fillet brazed, utilising some of Columbus’ more prestigious materials, the Columbus Spirit tubing, which (on Columbus’ modern tubing) is only second to the top stainless steel tubing, XCR. Its a fantastic steel and we find ourselves very very happy to be able to use Spirit tubing.

It took us many many months to iron out all the little details. From working on the geometry with the builders, getting drawings of the frame and fine tuning the geometry for a great bike on and off the track. The tubing on the downtube and on the top tube is actually curved at the areas near the headtube and seat tube, which gives it a real unique aero profile.

For the colour, it took us a good while to get the custom metallic Spartan bronze/Black paint colourway perfect for the frame. We painted many, many paint chips by hand with all sorts of wet paints before finally getting the perfect colour we wanted. I remember saying “this colour is either going to look absolutely shit… or totally awesome!”. So we’re pretty pleased with the result.

Keep an eye out, we’ll be riding the crap out of this bike in the near future.

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