Another Perspective regarding the tragedy in Minila

The uncovered truth of the 823 tragedy in the Philippines

— It’s all about Money.

Before reading further, or you are too tired to read my long article, here are the 3 things I wish any visitors would keep in mind:

  • Don’t be fooled by the filipino authorities and media. The hostage taker wants MONEY, but not the reinstatement of his job. Mr. Mendoza will leave all hostages alone (and alive), heading south, and never return to Manila, if he received a suitcase filled with 1 Million Peso cash notes.
  • Be mature, be wise. Admit that the Filipino authorities have NEVER think of keeping all hostages alive. There’s NO GUARANTEE at all from the very beginning!!!! They won’t pay a single dollar to exchange the lives of the hostages. This is not reported because the Filipino authorities hide it IN PURPOSE!!!
  • How many hostages were killed by the gunman, and how many were killed by the polices force? May god tell us the truth eventually.If you know me well, you would know that I don’t like to speak. I mean I am talkative enough in front of real friends, but I hate to speak in front of public and strangers, no matter what happened and how struggling I was when some big events happened. But for this time, allow me to express my thoughts and feelings from very deep inner place of my heart. As a person with strong relationship to the Philippines, who have spent a few years childhood age in the country, I have something to say.
  • Firstly, I have to emphasize that, all the kidnappings happened in the Philippines, no matter the hostage takers are from well-organized anti-government guerilla, to your own private driver, it’s the same. It’s all about a simple single word – MONEY. Believe me or not, being living in the “Capitol of Kidnapping” for years, all the kidnapping cases I’ve encountered, no matter in what situation, with what kind of background stories, that I have ever, ever heard about, is eventually asking for MONEY. However, I have to add that, although some of my family members were killed in kidnappings in the 1980s age, it would be fair enough to say, the situation is much better now despite there are still around over 100 cases/year in average, and unfortunately, most of the target hostages are Chinese people.

    I am sorry to tell but the truth is, filipinos have already get used to this kind of kidnapping incidents. They also get used to the fact that hostages are commonly Chinese. So my friends, don’t ask me any more questions like “why the filipino authorities/polices react so slow/stupid/act so dangerously”………etc. Well, the answer is that they simply DON’T CARE about the lives inside the bus. PERIOD. It is just like how Hong Kong people get used to street demonstrations, filipinos get used to kidnappings. This can be proved by the irritating laughter you’ve heard during the live broadcast of the incident, and the disdain face of the new President of the Philippines, Aquino III when he had his site visit last night. I am not trying to trigger any racial hatred or whatever similar, I am just trying to tell the truth based on my understanding to this country

    But I am sorry to say, you are too pure if you expect the filipino government or polices to react on this kind of situation as serious as that it is happening in Hong Kong or any other developed places. So, to be fair, I have to further emphasize that there is no real hatred on Chinese in the filipino world, the Philippines is not like Indonesia (link). Most of the Chinese lives there peacefully with the filipino people, although the former is dominating the country’s economy. The Chinese community is already a indispensable part of the country. Perhaps, it is something more complicated than simple hatred. In a very little portion of filipino’s heart, I would say, jealousy exists. However, i would assume that this is a normal phenomenon in the rest of the world, where poorer people will sometimes jealous richer people.

    So, back on the incident, my very personal conclusion is, this hostage taker is simply asking for MONEY but not really the reinstatement of his job. I could not even reason it with my brain, so could you? Even he is the most stupid person in the world, would he ask for a reinstatement of a police position by an absolutely illegal kidnapping exercise???? NO!. Could you reason it? I think none of you could. It just simply doesn’t make any sense.

    The hostage taker was already 55, what he was looking for should be a retirement plan, but not a police job. Well, simple, in my opinion, his background, underlying stories, are all just a beautiful decal of his ugly, selfish kidnapping action. There MUST be MONEY TERMS involved during the negotiation between him and the Filipino authorities. OK, I have NO evidence.

    DON’T ever ask me to provide any evidence to prove this is true. “Here is not a court. We don’t need any evidence here.”, quoted from a popular dialog of Miss Louise Lee Si-Kei(李司棋), a famous HK actress. If you’ve got pissed off by my words, send me an email, show me some evidences to prove my words are wrong instead. Ask the filipino government and see how they reply on it. Ask them, “Is there any money terms involved in negotiation process?”, and see how they would answer.

    Up to now, at 6:40pm of the 24th August of the year 2010, there is no any report or any single piece of word regarding the detailed negotiation process among the authorities and the hostage taker, and you shouldn’t expect any true one will come out unless another miracle is made by god. The government had never told, and will never tell the truth to the media that the guy was actually asking for money and they refused him just because they want to save their pocket and reputation. The authority also desire a beautiful step to get off the stage. According to a survived hostage, Mrs. Leung, who lost her husband and two children in the tragedy, keep asking that why the filipino government are not “paying money” to the hostage taker in various media interviews right after the incident. She was sitting in the fore part of the bus where the gunman usually stay, and perhaps she could hear some negotiation details (maybe some English words, such as “Money”, was included in the gunman’s tagalog phone conversations).

    It is useless to say anything at this moment. So why am I speaking? Well, I want the victims, their families and the HK public to get a chance to study another possible side of the coin. The information provided by the media may not be 100% reflecting the reality. There are still many underlying myths, especially in the details of the entire negotiation process that hasn’t been uncovered. I am also extremely angry about that the president of this country is shirking his responsibility in such a non-sense, compassionless, violent, arrogant way, in his so-called press conference. However, no matter how he avoid, he cannot shirk the responsibility o f the country’s prolonged poverty and corruption problem.

    As an ordinary Hong Kong people, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the victims’ families. I sit by the TV during the entire kidnapping process, from day to night. I felt I was so weak that I couldn’t do anything to save my own people’s innocent lives, although it wouldn’t be really difficult. I am also sorry for my poor English as I have no energy to type all these in Chinese. Another reason I am using english is that I hope this article can alert the rest of the world, especially the media to change their focus point on this tragedy, something more should be UNCOVERED!!!

    So, all in all, what could probably give a chance to those 8 innocent people to get survive? What would I do if I were the person in charge? Simple. Put 1 million Peso cash notes, a compass and a map into the lunch boxes and send it to Mr. Mendoza, then move a car to the entrance of the bus with the door opened and a replacement hostage inside (to let him feel safe along his escaping route). You will see him driving, with a satisfaction face, heading south, rushing towards the most poorly ruled region of the country. Unfortunately, reality are always cruel. My assumption will never be happened. I couldn’t sleep last night. So could you?

    Author: Billy Chan, a Filipino Chinese who grows up in HK.


    別被菲律賓當局瞞騙,槍手只想要錢,並非甚麼復識。門多薩先生收到載著一百萬披索的行李箱後,便會釋放所有人,朝南駛走,永遠不歸來馬尼拉。 ……請冷靜承認當局沒有保證人質安全。打從一開始就沒有保證過!他們不會為了人質性命而拔一毛。這沒有報道,因為當局刻意隱瞞了! 有多少人質被槍手殺死?有多少人質被警察打死?願主終有一天告知我們真相。











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