Nanjing murdered wife photo leaked

Nanjing Murdered wife 2

The husband was young, rich, drove expensive cars and lived the high life. His wife was just 22, and the beautiful mother of his four-month old baby daughter.
The happily married couple seemed to live a perfect life ā€“ until young chinese wife Qi Kexin was found murdered in their home in Nanjing’s Jianye District.

Nanjing Murdered wife 3

No arrest has been reported but according toXian Dai Kuai Bao, a Nanjing newspaper run by national news agency Xinhua, local authorities suspect she was slashed to death by her drunk husband after a heated argument.She had been attacked with a knife and sustained between 30 and 40 knife wounds on her body.
Her husband, 24-year-old Ji Xing Peng, had allegedly slashed Qi to death after an argument in which he accused her of infidelity and said that their daughter was not his.


Nanjing Murdered wife 1

WARNING: Click at your own risk

Nanjing Murdered wife 4

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