CLOT x Nike 1World Air Force 1

I’ve been waiting for these… With Chinese New Year around the corner, the Nike 1World campaign looks to Hong Kong-based CLOT to offer their style and creativity on the AF1. Themed around luck, happiness and prosperity, the shoe’s upper is comprised of a subtly patterned CLOT Royale red silk with visible Air unit and black highlights. – Hypebeast

However, the most interesting point of this shoe is a highly customizable factor which includes a top layer which can be ripped, burned or cut to reveal a second laser etched leather layer which also features the similar graphics as seen on the silk layer. The tear-away concept was put to use as CLOT’s own philosophy of going beyond the superficial to find deeper meanings. Keeping with the Chinese New Year theme, the shoe will come with a “Chinese Candy Box”, a traditional method of packaging treats during this monumental yearly occasion. As with previous 1World release schemes, the CLOT x Nike 1World Air Force 1 will be limited only to a Hong Kong release.

Before shots…

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