Freshness x Loopwheeler

For the last 4 holiday seasons, Freshness has forgo gifts for themselves so they had enough funding for upcoming projects.  This year, however, they decided to do something different.  To show their gratitude to their loyal supporters, Freshness will be giving away a limited edition hoodie, created exclusively for Freshness by the premiere Japanese label Loopwheeler.

Because of the extraordinary fine knit, with some compare it as “cashmere made from cotton”, the antiquated milling machines at Loopwheeler could only produce about 1 meter (~ 3 foot) of fabric an hour.  This means the whole production process started in August of this year, with the last batch just arrived from the factory a few weeks ago.  Each hoodie was then silk screened by hand with the Freshness logo, in their signature green colorway, and the logo of Loopwheeler.

Shipment of these exclusive hoodies will start in January 2009.

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